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Vikings Christmas Fun Event Goes.....Swimmingly

The first Vikings Christmas fun relay gala took place this weekend at Macclesfield. It was a fantastic evening with 60 swimmers taking part divided into 8 teams and utilising all 8 lanes. Each team contained a mix of ages and gender with members of all squads represented. There was lots of cheering, laughing and fun and in addition, so determined were swimmers that they all ended up having quite a considerable work out!

After the gala, the lanes ropes were quickly hauled in and swimmers enjoyed a free swim before promptly getting changed for the party upstairs. Awaiting them was an array of food which each family had contributed and was quickly tucked into by the hungry swimmers followed closely by the adults.

Relay results were announced followed by the 2017 Point Score Winners and all swimmers left with a gift from the Vikings club captains Max & Ellen.

Thank you to all those who came forward to help run the event, including the activities in the pool as well as the food and party.


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