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What is a Pointscore?

Knutsford Vikings organise four Pointscore Events throughout the year. The aim is to provide a competition which can be won by any member of the club within the relevant age group. Points are awarded based on improvement that a swimmer makes in each event, the improvement is determined from the time taken to swim the event in the pointscore in relation to the fastest time recorded previously. Hence, swimmers who show the most improvement are rewarded.

Points System

Pointscore Groups

The swimmers are split into groups based on their swimming ability and previous achievements. This ensures that they swim in events appropriate to their age and experience. A swimmer will progress to the next group when they reach a certain age or swim faster than the prescribed times in the required number of events.


The novice category caters for the youngest and most inexperienced swimmers. The events are mostly 1 length of the pool.

In the first pointscore of the season the events for swimmers in Novices and Group 1 are:

Group 1

The events are slightly longer than those in the novice category and are desiged to cater for the increase in strength, stamina and style.

Pointscore last updated on 02-Oct-2010
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