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Knutsford Amateur Swimming Club (KASC)

Knutsford Leisure Centre, Westfield Drive, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0BL

Splash news logo Latest News 17-Oct-2018

New - Foundation and Club Junior Swimmer of the Month

I am delighted to announce that, as from the end of October 2018, the Coaching Team will be introducing two swimmer of the month awards. The winners of the awards will be selected from our Foundation and Club Junior squads based on their individual achievements, successes and/or contributions to club life.

The winners will get to keep the trophy for a whole month before returning it in time for the following months presentation.

To see the grand unveiling of the new Trophies and to keep abreast of the winners please give our revamped Facebook page a follow;

Good luck to all Foundation and Club Junior squad members, remember to train hard, be positive and most of all enjoy your swimming!!

See you at the pool,

Phil James
Vikings Head Coach

Workforce Coordinator in the Job Descriptions documents


Co-ordinating the recruitment and organisation of volunteers within the club.

Main Duties

  • Main contact for all volunteers
  • Get to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers by name
  • Ensure all jobs have job descriptions
  • Supervise and oversee all volunteers
  • Liaise with the Chairperson to ensure all tasks required to run the club are carried out
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the volunteers requirements
  • Liaise with the committee as to volunteers requirements
  • Liaise closely with the Child Welfare Officer to ensure that each volunteer is aware of the Child Protection Policy and Procedures
  • Ensure volunteers are directed to the ASA website for useful information on volunteering
Workforce Coordinator last updated on 24-Feb-2010

Session Times

Day Start time End Allows Allocated Swimmers Costing
Sunday 15-30 UTC 16-00 UTC asa level 17
16-00 UTC 16-30 UTC asa level 18
16-30 UTC 17-30 UTC asa level asa level 24
17-30 UTC 19-00 UTC asa level asa level 12 27
Tuesday 18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level asa level 33
18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC 0
19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level asa level asa level 12 41
Wednesday 19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level asa level asa level 12 32
Thursday 19-00 UTC 20-00 UTC asa level asa level 24
19-00 UTC 20-00 UTC 0
20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level asa level 12 20
20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level 1
Saturday 07-15 UTC 08-45 UTC asa level asa level asa level 12 31
08-45 UTC 09-45 UTC asa level asa level 24
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